Why Holly Willoughby Is Only Just Getting The Same Salary As Phillip Schofield

As two of the biggest daytime presenters on our TV screens, it’s only natural that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby would command two of the highest salaries in the entertainment world.

They front This Morning together on a daily basis, but each have their own separate successful shows too – including Mr and Mrs and Celebrity Juice.

But up until recently, Phillip Schofield was paid a far higher salary than Holly for their jobs on This Morning. While Phillip has been on the show a few years longer than Holly – originally presenting with Fern Britton until 2009 – the pair are now both seasoned favourites and are both credited as the reason behind the show’s huge success. In terms of their day-to-day responsibilities and duties, there is very little difference between the two presenting roles. 

According to the, Holly has just received a £200,000 pay rise, in order to match the current salary of her co-host Phillip. At the moment, Phillip is paid £600,000 for a year’s work on the daytime magazine show, meaning Holly lagged behind his salary with an annual sum of £400,000 – meaning she was paid a THIRD less than Phil. 

So why the pay increase now? Well, according to the publication, ITV producers allegedly were forced to backtrack on Holly’s salary, after realising that the hosts are both set to be paid the same amount for the revival of Dancing On Ice, which the pair are rumoured to be hosting. The duo originally fronted the show back in 2004-2007, when it was previously aired.

Reportedly, the producers felt it was unfair to have the top TV presenters paid the same for their hosting responsibilities on the skating show, but not on their popular daily morning show.

An insider told the Mirror, “It seemed ridiculous they were going to get paid the same fee for Dancing on Ice but Holly was lagging behind on This Morning.

“Quite rightly, that has now been rectified and they both earn exactly the same.”

The revelation is interesting, given that Fern Britton reportedly left This Morning over the pay gap between her and Phillip’s salaries. 

At the time, a source said, “Fern has not been happy with the way things have gone and she feels she and the show are being undervalued.

“As one of the most recognisable faces on TV she is not being paid anything like what Phillip is. Fern simply isn’t enjoying the show as she once did. She felt she was living in Phillip’s shadow and decided it was time to move on.”

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end for the This Morning pay gap.