6 Hitchhiking Animal Pictures You Need To See

After this photo was discovered online earlier this week,
it went viral. Taken by amateur photographer Martin Le-May in Hornchurch
Country Park, Havering, the image captures a struggle between a
woodpecker and a tired weasel who, desperate to hitch a lift, clings on
to the bird for dear life.

Inspired by Martin’s funny photograph, we’ve found five more animals who prefer to catch a ride than use their legs, feet or wings…

Image credit: Martin Le-May

Magpie taking a perch on a deer’s head in Richmond Park.

This chick pays a cat and her kittens a surprise visit.

A lazy monkey hitches a relaxing ride with this friendly deer.

 This Jack Russel has found a perfect lookout point astride a Shetland pony.


 A snail gives his foot five minutes break upon a sleeping frog’s back.