The Trailer For Helen Mirren’s New Film Winchester Is Seriously Creepy!

Multi-award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren is set to plunge into a new genre as she takes on a leading role in horror film Winchester. And we have to say,the films looks terrifying – just in time for Halloween!

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built is a film based on a real house located in San Jose, California. If you are feeling brave enough, you can actually visit the house in person

Mirren’s character is Sarah Winchester, an heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company who is convinced her home is haunted. Sarah believes the souls of the people killed by her father’s rifles are meddling with her and seeking revenge. After consulting a medium, Sarah hatches a plan to build a mansion to imprison the souls. Serious stuff!

Also starring alongside Mirren is Jason Clarke, who starred in Everest and Zero Dark Thirty.

The film teases the Winchester Mansion as “the most haunted house in history”. The real mansion has 160 rooms. It was allegedly under constant construction for 38 years and had 10,000 windows and 13 bathrooms over seven floors.

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For a taste of what the film will be like, you can watch the trailer below. If you are prone to being spooked, be warned – it is a little jumpy!


Sadly, the movie won’t be here in time for Halloween. The film is set for release in the US in February 2018 and is expected to be in UK cinemas in spring.

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