Great British Bake Off New Cast Photo Reveals Things Are Heating Up On The Set Of The New Great British Bake Off

Let’s face it, we’re all eager to see exactly how the new Great British Bake Off team are getting along.

When it was announced that Sandi Toksvig, Noel Fielding and Prue Leith would be joining Paul Hollywood in the new series over on Channel 4, viewers were left wondering exactly how the new line-up would pan out – and most importantly, if everyone would get along as well as they did on the BBC version.

After much secrecy and many rumours, Paul Hollywood has finally given us a bit of an insight into life on set – and it seems things in the Bake Off tent are getting off to a bit of a dramatic start!

The veteran Bake Off judge shared a sweet photo of the new gang – taken on the hottest day of the year so far, when temperatures reached over 34 degrees.


The foursome were clearly forced to take a quick ice cream break from filming in the heat of the Bake Off tent, as the photo sees all three newbies and Paul gathered on a wall looking pretty hot and sweaty, each with a Fab ice lolly to help them cool down. Paul captioned the photo ‘The Fab Four. Hottest day in the Bake Off tent ever!’

It’s the first look we’ve had behind the scenes at the new Bake Off team – so we’re happy to note they all seem to be getting along swimmingly.

Paul’s colleagues thankfully seem to share his sentiments. Noel Fielding himself also seems to be getting along swimmingly with the rest of the cast, as he reposted the photo, saying ‘What a sweaty fun day! Love these three!’


Sandi, who will be joining Noel in taking over as the new presenters of the show, also showed just how well the four of them are getting on, saying “It’s no sweat working with this lovely lot.”


Given that the programme films in the summer, it’s no wonder that the four were left feeling the heat in the Bake Off tent. Let’s hope they manage to cool down enough to actually get some baking done…!