Why The Bake Off Line-Up Has Got Everyone Talking

We’re now only a matter of days away from the very first episode of The Great British Bake Off following its transition to Channel 4 from the BBC. The series premiere is set to hit our screens a week today, on the 29th August.

And we’re all waiting with baited breath to see how the new series, which will see judges Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, and hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig take the stage for the first time, will shape up to the original BBC run.

Mary Berry has even been in touch with her replacement, Prue Leith, to
give her a bit of a warning about fellow judge, Paul Hollywood, who Mary
worked with for over six years. They were a famously fiery pair, and
Mary bared no bones about putting Paul in his place if she needed to. So
Mary’s advice to newbie Prue? Do the exact same thing…

Prue recently revealed, “[Mary] told me, ‘Don’t just follow Paul, don’t
stand behind Paul and agree with him, just be yourself and go for it’,
and Paul told me the same thing.”

But amid all the change, viewers have been nervously awaiting the new series, to see if the Channel 4 Bake Off will be anything like the BBC show we knew and loved.

Some fans on the GBBO Facebook admitted their fears for the new installment of the series. One wrote, “It’s all change from GBBO that we all know and love, but hey … I’m going to give it a whirl, if it’s no good, I’ll quit watching.”

But some lucky viewers, who caught a sneak peek of the first episode, have reassured viewers that despite the change, it’s just as good a programme as it ever was.

One wrote…


One thing that of course hasn’t changed at all, is the hopeful, awaiting contestants. With a week to go, the keen bakers hoping to impress the judges have been unveiled. And the baking amateurs have got everyone talking! But why?

This series sees perhaps the most eclectic mix of contestants yet. Amazingly, this years’ series will see the oldest ever Bake Off baker take part in the show, at the age of 71. Flo has joined the Bake Off, having recently retired after decades working at a factory. And it seems she’s already winning hearts over on social media – before she’s even baked a thing!

One Facebook user admitted, “Think Flo sounds like my favourite!”

29-year old Tom has also captured the attention of viewers, who have noted his good looks…


The exciting line-up also includes a 32-year-old Former Officer in the Royal Artillery, a 29-year-old health and safety inspector, and 50-year-old software developer, 19-year-old student, and a 46-year-old banker.

And to reassure worried viewers who fear the show will no longer be the same, the good old tent seems to have stayed the same as it ever was!

So let’s find out a bit more about the new contestants – and see what the world has to say about the latest stars of everyone’s favourite baking show…

Tom, 29

Tom is an architect who lives with his partner David in Edinburgh. And it seems fans are quickly taking to Tom, with many posting on social media that he’s already their favourite…


Chris, 50

Remarkably, Chris isn’t only a software developer, but has also survived cancer before. He’s keen to help other people who have been affected by the disease.

James, 46

A banker, James now lives in Essex with his wife and sons, and apparently took up baking over 30 years ago! Practise indeed…

Julia, 32

Originally from Siberia, Julia met her husband on holiday in Turkey when she was just 17. She now lives in the UK.

Yan, 46

One of the most high-achieving contestants, Yan revealed how she’s previously managed to squeeze her baking passion in between 24-hour shifts with her job as a molecular biologist for the NHS!

Fans are already vying for Yan to take the baking crown, showing their support on Twitter…
[twitter] https://twitter.com/DavidC516/status/899922238966829056[/twitter]

Peter, 52

Peter is originally from Brixton, but lived in Nigeria for years, until
he moved back to the UK at 24. His passion for baked goods began when he
started making bread – so will that inevitably be his strongest round?

Over on Facebook, one fan confessed she’s rooting for Peter, writing “I’m torn between James and Peter, I have high hopes.”

Kate, 29

A health and safety inspector, Kate is also interested in furniture restoration and yoga. But how good will she be when she turns her hand to baking?!

Steven, 34

His day job is marketing, but his passion for home-cooked food has helped him lose a stunning five stone over the years. Do we hear healthy bakes for this one?

Liam, 19

The youngest contestant of the series is Liam, who is currently still at university. He was born in Hackney, and is keen for his food to “bring people together”.

Flo, 71

As mentioned, it seems Flo is quickly becoming the fan favourite. With viewers likening her to Val from the previous series, she may be the loveable contestant who ends up being the one to beat. She’s also said to be partial to a bit of “boogieing with friends”, so we’re sure she’ll be a hoot in the tent!

[twitter] https://twitter.com/mcdonald2005/status/899828774354767872[/twitter]

[twitter] https://twitter.com/AITKitchen_Blog/status/899799513405181953[/twitter]


Sophie, 33

The former officer in the Royal Artillery, lives in Surrey with her boyfriend and her cat, and is even training to be a stunt woman!

Stacey, 42

This former school teacher found her passion for baking whilst at University, and apparently likes to incorporate her Jewish heritage into her produce.

Hand’s up – whose excited for 29th August?!