Gordon Ramsay leaves Cornwall residents furious for THIS reason

TV chef Gordon Ramsay has left Cornwall residents fuming after fleeing London in order to self-isolate at his second home in the county.

Despite government advice for people to remain in their “primary residence” during lockdown, Gordon has relocated to his £4million beachfront home.

And, as the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic, his neighbours are less than impressed with the TV star’s actions.

According to The Sun, Cornwall residents have been venting their frustrations in a Facebook group called “You Shouldn’t Be Here”.

And the general consensus is that he should “get the hell out of Cornwall”.

One resident reportedly wrote, “The big s*** should take himself and his family the hell out of Cornwall”.

Another said, “Wealthy second homers think making a few quid means they are immune from the virus and any rules. They are arrogant at the best of times, this has shown how bad some of them are.”

But, a friend of the Ramsay family has defended their actions. “The family see Cornwall as their family home when the kids are back from uni and Gordon back from filming around the world it's where they spend all their family time together,” they told MailOnline.

“They've been spending time there for 10 years and Jack actually lives in the house there full time too. Most of their neighbours are so welcoming and they love being part of the community.

“They've been following the government advice along with the rest of the country since they arrived on March 20th and the campaign against them is hurtful and unnecessary at a time when we should all be coming together and supporting each other.”

Gordon isn’t the only celebrity being criticised during the COVID-19 crisis, as Location Location Location presenter, Kirstie Alsopp, also came under fire for fleeing to Devon last month.

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Kirstie, 48, revealed her husband had tested positive for the coronavirus and was therefore locked down in their second home in Devon.

After being tormented on social media, she hit back on Twitter - describing the backlash as "utterly horrible, full of vile, unpleasant and frankly frightening comments."

She tweeted, “During this time of national crisis many families have had difficult choices to make, in a rush, with minion info. But we did what we thought was most sensible, and we did not break any rules or regulations that existed at that time."

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