Gareth Malone

TV choirmaster Gareth Malone, 36, shot to fame in 2006 when he fronted BBC Two’s BAFTA award-winning reality TV show, The Choir. He lives in London with his wife Becky and their daughter, Esther, two.

Overcoming people’s reticence or worse – flat, downright refusal to sing [is a big challenge]. The toughest time was with a talented young man called Korrel in the series where I was training a choir to take to Glyndebourne. he wanted to pull out after putting in so much work. I was aware that millions of people were watching and I didn’t want to disappoint them, but I couldn’t convince Korrel to stay. I had to accept his decision and move on, for the sake of the choir.

I’ve learned that I’m definitely a performer. I like the build-up to a performance and the nerves. I enjoy the performance itself and the aftermath. I’m addicted to the ebb and flow of it; without that, life would be rather dull for me.

I’m fairly unmoved by the fame that comes with my job. It’s nice when people tell me they enjoyed the series, but I can’t see myself being corrupted by fame and running off to Chinawhite with the cast of TOWIE!

My dad was obsessed with The Beatles and I remember very clearly when John Lennon died in 1980. I was five years old, and already aware of The Beatles, so my dad must have been playing The Beatles a lot.

I loved music at school – when I got my timetable in secondary school I would excitedly count how many music lessons I had.

I’m determined to pass my passion on to my daughter Esther. When Becky was pregnant I’d sing to her bump and Esther would kick. We’ve been going to parent and toddler music groups and I love the way she responds to music.

My job is so exciting that I don’t feel the need to go bungee jumping at the weekend. We wander around farmrs’ markets, go for walks and pub lunches with friends – often decamping to home with some board games and a guitar. 

I could talk non-stop all day long, so I enjoy getting together with friends and having a good chat.

Gareth shares more of his loves and hates in November’s Woman & Home magazine, out now.

Gareth Malone’s Choir (Collins; £20) is out now. His new BBC series, Sing While You Work, is on BBC One. Follow Gareth on Twitter @GarethMalone.