‘I felt utterly wretched’: Carol Vorderman recalls heartbreaking moment she saw her mum cry

Carol Vorderman has opened up about the heartbreaking moment she saw her mum cry in her autobiography.

The former Countdown host documented what it was like growing up in the town of Prestatyn in Wales, noting one particularly poignant moment from her childhood.

Writing in the book, the 57-year-old explained that her mum Jean – who passed away last year – had given her some money to pick up some food from the local shop when she was seven.

“She gave me a ten bob note (ten shillings is the equivalent 50p today) to go to the shops,” the star said.

“I walked happily into town, picked the bits and pieces that were on the shopping list from the shelves, then reached deep into my pocket for the crumbled brown note.”

Revealing she had lost the money, she added, “Nothing. I fished around in the other pocket, but the note was gone.

“With a growing sense of panic, I looked around the shop, but there was no note lying on the floor.”

After finally confessing she’d lost the money to her mum, Carol recalled, “She didn’t tell me off. But she quickly pulled on her coat and came outside with me, saying, ‘I’m sure it will turn up somewhere, Carol.'”

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The pair then searched the streets, but when they returned home, the star remembers her mum breaking down.

“It was only when we arrived back home again, empty-handed, with no ten bob note – and no food – that Mum just crumpled”, she wrote.

“It was a huge amount of money for her, and she just slumped down at the kitchen table and wept.”

She added, “I felt utterly wretched. I knew that the money was important, but I was still too young to realise the implications of trying to feed a whole family once the weekly income had gone.”

Mathematician Carol also revealed how her mum worked at least three different jobs at one time in order to provide for her and her brother and sister, Anton and Trixie.

Carol sadly lost her beloved mother Jean to cancer in June of last year, sharing the news on her Twitter at the time.

On 19th June, she told fans that it had been her mother’s funeral, and that she “will always be loved”.

FROM: Woman, our sister site. Written by Naomi Bartram.

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