Eamonn Holmes Admits Fears Over Strictly Curse And Reveals Why Ruth And Anton Might Leave Him Feeling ‘Jealous And Angry’

Since the beginning of Strictly Come Dancing 2017, Eamonn Holmes has poked fun at the alleged Strictly curse, which suggests that the breakdown of marriages/relationships comes after a stint on the BBC show.

He’s openly joked about his concern over wife Ruth Langsford’s involvement in the show, and suggested how her long days and nights rehearsing with partner Anton have left him feeling like a ‘Strictly widower’.

But it seems that now, Eamonn’s concern has grown – especially given that wife Ruth is through to the third round of the competition.

Speaking to Sunday People ahead of Saturday’s live show, Eamonn revealed that he’s constantly attempting to wear matching outfits with wife Ruth live on This Morning – although it’s not something she seems keen to participate in.

He said, “I am trying to co-ordinate as I might have a nice blue suit or some fancy shirts. She does not like that. I thought she could play ball with me on that one, but no.’

So Eamonn admitted that, if wife Ruth does start matching up her outfits with that of her Strictly partner Anton, he’ll likely feel rather put out..

Eamonn continued, “So what will make me jealous and angry is if she co-ordinates with Anton.

“Yes. She could be matching within weeks. She could… and then the curse of Strictly…”

Speaking about his day-to-day life with the absence of Ruth, Eamonn has also confessed to the struggles of being left to fend for himself while she rehearses and works long days.

This Morning host Eamonn also revealed just how little time he’s able to spend with his wife while she competes in the popular dancing competition, in a piece written for the Daily Mail.

Eamonn confessed, “The rehearsals are gruelling. I have now lost my wife. I literally never see her, unless I tune into Loose Women on my lunch break. She gets up at 5am while I slumber on, leaves at 6am, and somehow manages to put in an 18-hour day, fitting in dance lessons among her TV commitments. It’s intense.

“It’s getting a bit lonely. I miss being organised by Ruthie – she’s a force.”

Eamonn also admitted that he was keen to question This Morning guest Louise Redknapp – who allegedly split from husband Jamie following her stint on Strictly last year – about the reality of the Strictly curse.

He said, “Finally I get to see my wife on the set of This Morning – the show we co-host every Friday. I’m determined to ask our guest, Louise Redknapp, a former Strictly contestant, about her split from husband Jamie. And I also need to probe the so-called Strictly curse. Did it end their marriage?

“Louise is diplomatic, which means I learn nothing. She says their marital problems have been well documented but the priority is the children.”

Apester Lazyload