Strictly Bosses Were Actually More Keen To Sign Up Eamonn Than Ruth

She’s totally upfront about the fact that she can barely contain her excitement for her turn in Strictly Come Dancing, but unfortunately for Ruth Langsford, she wasn’t actually the show’s first choice within her marriage.

The This Morning presenter has been pretty open about the fact that Strictly bosses were originally keen to sign Eamonn up for this show, instead of her.

Chatting to the media at the recent Strictly launch, she admitted, “[Eamonn has] been approached before, yes.

“He’s not saying he’ll never do it, but he’s had two new hips last year. It’s a little early days, yet, but we enjoyed the rumour. We enjoyed adding fuel to the fire.”

Ruth continued to make clear that this is the first year she’s been asked to take part in the programme, admitting she could never turn the show down.

She confessed, “I quite enjoyed the whole rumour mill. And, contrary to what you believe, I have not been asked to do Strictly before because not in a million years would I have turned it down.

“When it was leaked, it said that the BBC were delighted that at last Ruth Langsford’s decided to say yes to Strictly. I thought, ‘They’ve never asked me!’ I was gutted that they never asked me. There’s no way I’m letting this pass me by.”

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However, despite Ruth’s clear elation at the prospect of competing in Strictly, it seems it originally took some persuading to encourage her to take the leap into taking part in the BBC programme.

Speaking to Hello!, Eamonn revealed that before accepting her spot, Ruth worried that she wouldn’t be able to fit in all of the Strictly training alongside her already hectic schedule.

He said, “Ruth is a terrible worrier. She came to me ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve been asked to do Strictly, it’s always been my dream but I just don’t have time to do it.’

“When she said that to me, ‘Well I can’t do it’, I said to her, ‘Well, obviously it wasn’t your dream then, if it was, you would do it.

“She didn’t take that very well and said to me ‘You are just putting pressure on me’ and I said, ‘No, I am not. If it was my dream, I would find a way to do it.”

But clearly, Eamonn’s matter-of-fact response was the push Ruth needed to finally say yes. “She wasn’t pleased with me, but she went away and she came back six hours later and she said ‘I’ve been thinking about what you said and you are right, I am going to do it, it is my dream and I am going to do it.'”

Ruth’s Strictly experience has already been kick-started too, with the Strictly launch show over the weekend revealing all the celebrity and professional dancer pairings. The veteran TV presenter was paired with Strictly legend Anton Du Beke, who said, ‘We’re going to have a great time.'”

However, Ruth quickly chimed in to state,”I’m going to work hard too though.”

But apparently, Anton wasn’t too fussed about the competition, continuing, “I’m not interested, I just want to have a great time. She’s absolutely tremendous, I can’t wait!”