Eamonn Holmes Reveals Why He Turned Down Job With 'Life-Changing' Sum Of Money For Wife Ruth

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are one of TV's best-loved presenting duos.

Rarely do you see one without the other, and viewers certainly love the couple's on-screen chemistry.

And it seems Eamonn is so committed to wife Ruth, that he turned down a 'life-changing' sum of money to prevent hurting her career.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the This Morning host revealed he was asked to work on the World Cup, by Russian TV execs. However, he chose to turn down the offer.

He revealed, "I was offered the chance to go to Russia. They offered me more than I have been offered to do anything.

"But I don’t think it would be advisable. I think the whole propaganda thing…I don’t think it would have been a wise career move. "

He continued, stating that the choice would have impacted on Ruth's career. "It impacts on who you are and what you do and it would impact on Ruth’s career."

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Eamonn also confessed that given how entwined their respective careers are, it would have been a selfish move to accept the job.

"It would be quite selfish of me to say, 'This is all about me,’ at a time when Ruth has gone stellar.

"This is Ruth’s moment. She did a simple thing on Twitter the other day and there were a million hits. This is her moment. This is her time."

It certainly makes sense that Eamonn would factor wife Ruth into any career decisions he makes - given that the pair work so closely together.

Viewers love the pair on This Morning together. And they also co-present popular Channel 5 show, How The Other Half Lives.

And the duo recently teamed up yet again for new programme Do The Right Thing.

The real-life couple will co-host the new Channel 5 show, which will air soon. It is set take a look at social injustices and consumer-lead stories.

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