Doctors and experts weigh in on the viral underwear myth circulating social media

So how often should we really be buying new underwear?

Women's underwear
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No need to drop new panties and the best bras into your virtual shopping cart (unless of course, you want to). Despite what recent social media phenomena suggest, women's underwear does not need to be replaced as often as TikTok has led you to believe. 

What is this TikTok underwear myth?

Recently, a video surfaced on the social media platform suggesting women need to buy new panties every six to nine months. Considering most of us have skivvies with stains, holes, and worn-out fabric, there's a good chance this six-to-nine-month rule has gone unnoticed.

Is the TikTok underwear myth true?

Breathe a sigh of relief: Unlike a carton of milk, your panties do not expire. 

"Too often preference resulting from a personal experience and a haphazard Google search are touted as a recommendation," Dr. Charis Chambers, a Georgia-based OBGYN known as the Period Doctor, told woman&home. "There’s nothing magical about a six-month time limit to your underwear and there’s no medical evidence to support it. Vaginal irritation and infections have numerous causes and are best addressed by speaking to your doctor."

When should you buy new underwear?

Whenever you feel like splurging on undergarments, splurge! There's no rule, no timeline, no strict code. If you like the polka-dotted panties in the department store, snag 'em. If you want to pass and buy a spring dress instead, go for it. 

Dr. Jennifer Gunter, OBGYN and author of The Vagina Bible and the forthcoming Menopause Manifesto, has taken to Twitter to respond to the six-to-nine-month myth, revealing that there isn't a magical number—you can buy what you want when you want.

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Though fun and at times informative, social media isn't always accurate. Be sure to check with your doctors if you have any pressing Q's! 

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