8 Reasons To Be Excited For The Return Of Doctor Foster

Pretty much the whole of the UK was obsessed with the thrilling, fast-paced BBC drama series, Doctor Foster, when it premiered in 2015. The show kept viewers hooked when it aired, as we all waited with baited breath to see what Suranne Jones’ character Gemma would do next after she stumbled upon her husband Simon’s affair.

And when the big reveal came, it was explosive. Series one saw Gemma confront her cheating spouse, and expose the secret at an emotionally-charged family dinner, with the woman he was having an affair with. 

In the end though, Gemma seemed content – living life with her son, and returning to her day job as a local GP in the town of Parminster.

So, what can we expect in Doctor Foster series 2? Is everything as calm as it seems? Is Gemma still in contact with Simon? And has he finally suffered the consequences of his actions?

Here are the reasons to be very excited for the new series… 

1. The trailer shows that matters definitely aren’t finished between Simon and Gemma…

The brand new trailer shows that the former married couple certainly aren’t out of each other’s lives quite yet. The tense, gritty video begins by showing Gemma happily getting on with her life – and even considering moving on with a dishy new man.

But it seems her ex-husband has different ideas. Mid-way through, Gemma is dramatically stopped in her tracks by her estranged husband, Simon, who’s determined to stir up things up. Gemma asks him, “You want to get rid of me?” – could this be a hint that the new series will be more bloodthirsty than ever before?!

The other women, Kate, has the last word in the two-minute clip, hoping for a bit of peace and quiet after the drama of last series. We’re not quite sure she’s going to get her wish to be honest…

2. A newly-released photo suggests an even darker series…

In our very first photographic snippet of the second season of Doctor Foster, it seems that series will be darker than anything we’ve seen before.

The rather creepy image shows Suranne’s character Gemma staring into the camera with a haunted, but steely determined, gaze, which we can only assume means that there is more betrayal and revenge to come…

The picture also shows a gruesome mark where Gemma’s wedding ring was, cut away leaving lines of blood trickling down her skin. Could this mean that Gemma and Simon have had a bitter divorce since we last saw them? Or is she still determined to wreak revenge on her cheating ex?

Suranne Jones herself Instagramed the image, and gave some tantalising hints about what it might suggest for the events of series 2. The actress captioned the image with a few suggestive hashtags, including #divorceismessy #betrayalhurts…


We can’t wait to find out what it all means!

3. Most of the original cast will be back

Luckily, you’ll recognise most of the cast of Doctor Foster series 2
from the first season. Most importantly, Suranne Jones will of course
reprise her role as Dr Gemma Foster, and Bertie Carvel will return to play Simon. Suranne
has said, “It’s not going to be a whole new ball game. It’s a
continuation of Gemma and Simon’s story, but it’s a different stage in
their life…”

Jodie Comer will return to play her role as Kate Parks (the woman Simon cheated on Gemma with), as will
Neil Stuke and Sara Stewart, as her parents Chris and Susie. The fate of
Simon and Gemma’s son is unknown as of yet – but we’d imagine if those
two are back, he will be too.

4. However, there will be a new addition…and you might recognise her…

Sherlock actress Sian Brooke will be joining the cast of the show for its second installment, and she’s looking to be an exciting addition to the team.

Sian wowed audiences as a Holmes’ sibling when she started in the BBC series earlier this year, and also impressed fans with her performance as Natalie Brown in the renowned drama The Moorside back in February.

It’s not clear whose side Sian’s character will be on when the second series airs, as little information has been released about the new role so far. But one thing’s for certain, she’s sure to deliver a winning performance, whether it’s team Gemma or team Simon’s she’s rooting for…

5. The second series might actually encourage us to like Kate Parks

Let’s face it, most of us didn’t particularly warm to character Kate Parks in the first season. But the actress who plays her, Jodie Comer, has admitted that we may see a different side of her this time around. She told Digital Spy, “What I am so excited about is that people are going to see a lot more of Kate,”

“I’m quite interested if people will change their opinion of her…And I think people will get to know her more and maybe understand her – that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

“On a personal level, what’s exciting for me is people will actually get to know Kate as a person. She is just known as ‘the other woman’ – so I think it’s quite cool to come back and hopefully maybe give people a different perspective.”

(Suranne Jones and Bertie Carvel as Gemma and Simon)

6.   Suranne Jones admitted it will be like nothing you’ve seen before

The actress has revealed that she wasn’t completely sold on a Doctor Foster 2.0 after the end of the first series. She said, “[It was] because my story had finished. But then when they told me what they wanted to do with it, I felt that nothing had been done on television like it.”

Bertie Carvel also admitted that he knew they didn’t need a regurgitation of the second series, saying “I don’t think any of us really want or need to do that, so it’ll be its own story, with its own motor.”

7.   It’s set two years on from where the last season ended

Jodie Comer revealed that the show will jump forward in time, saying “People have changed, time has passed – we pick up the series two years later on.” The actress also said the time jump will give the show “a different energy” – which sounds promising.

Jodie continued, saying, “The amazing thing about series one was the build-up,” she said. “It was such a build-up to that final episode, but that’s happened now and the story’s moved on.

8.   It’ll look at the consequences of cheating in a way the first season didn’t

Suranne Jones revealed that the new episodes of season 2 will take a look at “what happens to a woman after divorce, deceit and revenge has taken its toll”.

And the show’s writer, Mike Barlett, has hinted that the second series will take a look at the long-term of Simon’s cheating, and the impact it’s had on Gemma’s life. He said, “Her life in Parminster may look better on the surface, but as she will discover to her cost, every action has its consequences eventually. No-one comes through hell unscathed.”

Doctor Foster series 2 will return to BBC One this year.

Apester Lazyload