Dermot O’Leary interview

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  • Are you romantic? I think so – it’s important to keep the fire burning in a relationship. I recently bought Dee a giant hare made out of chocolate – he miraculously appeared in the house with a letter introducing himself as Sir Hatalot! Sometimes we’re like ships that pass in the night, but we’ll go out for a lovely dinner to catch up.

    My loves.
    Getting up early and enjoying the sea air is brilliant. I’ve never caught a sea bass, so that’s my dream.

    Arsenal FC. We play the most beautiful football and have the ability to win, though we’re just not at the moment.

    I love getting a few friends over, firing up the BBQ and cooking for everyone.

    Curracloe Beach.
    It’s in Ireland and is where my mum and dad grew up. We spent holidays there when I was a kid and I still go back now – it is so beautiful.

    My hates Avocado. The slimy texture of it is horrible.

    Golf. Everyone seems to think you should get into it in your 30s, but I really don’t want to.

    Vienna. I got there first thing one morning when I was interrailing as a teenager. I hadn’t slept and, to a man, everyone in Vienna seemed to hate me. I got on a train and left!

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