Dawn French sparks funny debate as she embraces Cornish life

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Dawn French has sparked a debate among her fans as she continues to enjoy her Cornish lifestyle.

Dawn, 62, shared a snap of her enjoying a scone with cream and jam, before sparking the age-old debate of which comes first - the cream or the jam.

Confirming that she believes the jam comes first, Dawn tweeted, "Tis right. Tis proper. #jamfirst."

But, not everyone agreed. "Spreading cream on top of jam is like putting socks over shoes. Sheer madness," replied one fan.

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To which she hit back, "No spreading. Dolloping. Whole point."

It's not the first time Dawn has been vocal about enjoying the simple pleasures in Cornwall after "escaping" London life 14 years ago.

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In fact she recently confessed she's ready to enjoy her "autumn" years there.

After years of gruelling TV schedules filming The Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders, Dawn’s priorities have changed in life and the comedy actress now craves the “quiet” life.

“I am enjoying the place I’m in,” she said two years ago. “I realise I’m right there in autumn and I can’t see the point in resisting it. This is what 60 looks like.”

Having split from Lenny Henry ten years ago, Dawn has since re-married to Mark Bignell, 54, and the pair live in Cornwall so she can be close to where her family once lived.

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“I find quiet there. I have been noisy all my life and loved it but essentially I am a quiet person,” she admitted.

“I’ve gone back to where my family are. The sense of my mum is there and that is home for me.”

Citing her reasons behind the decision to leave London in 2006, she told Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast she found city life “overwhelming”.

There always seemed too much to do in London for Dawn. “I find the clutter of it overwhelming. I think I’m not meant for a city… that isn’t the real me. The real me is quiet.”

Whereas in Cornwall, Dawn feels calm. “There is, without a doubt, beauty here. I can do nothing but connect with that.

“It makes me calm, it makes me happier and it sort of enthuses my mind with better ways of thinking.”.”

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