Dawn French denies claims that she will quit TV

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  • Dawn French, known most famously for her acting role in the Vicar of Dibley, has denied claims that she is giving up acting for good.

    Newspaper the Daily Star claimed, in an interview with the 60-year-old actress, that she said she ‘wouldn’t be sad if she never acted again’.

    However Dawn’s representatives denied the claim and told the Sun that Dawn had lots of TV work in the pipeline, saying, “Little Big Shots started a new series on ITV last night and it’s already been announced that Delicious is returning to Sky One for a third series later this year.”

    In the article Dawn said, “I do very little in front of the camera these days. I’ve got no desire to do jazz hands any more.

    “I wouldn’t be sad at all if I never acted again. In fact, when I get a script, my first thought is ‘Oh, I hope this is no good, because it’ll make it easier to say no’.”

    Dawn’s new show, Big Little Shots, sees her working with a wide range of aspiring young children, from around the UK, who have talents ranging from dancing, skateboarding and cooking.

    Dawn French smiling photo

    The show, which is big in the US, is unlike other talent shows like BGT, with the actress saying in an interview recently, “We are not promising that these kids are going to be big stars, and there’s no judging or horrible critiques – and that was a big attraction for me.

    “Everyone understands that, for that one little moment, they get to shine, doing the thing they love doing.”

    As well as acting Dawn is busy with her writing projects – having released her autobiography Dear Fatty in 2008 and also various fiction novels, including A Tiny Bit Marvellous and According to Yes.

    In the same Daily Star interview she admitted, “I get so much pleasure from my writing.

    “Shows take two years to develop, so I always have a full diary in advance. Showbusiness is very fickle. It could end at any minute.”

    Lets hope Dawn doesn’t give up TV and stays in showbusiness for years to come!

    Words: Sarah Finley

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