‘The Best Is Yet To Come’: Davina McCall Stays Positive After Announcing The End Of Her 17-Year Marriage

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  • Despite their best efforts and years of counselling, Davina McCall and Matthew Robertson have called time on their 17-year-long marriage.

    Over the weekend, Davina McCall, 50, announced the end of her marriage to former Pet Rescue presenter, Matthew Robertson, 48, in an emotional post on Instagram.

    ‘I am very sad to say Matthew and I have separated,’ she wrote. ‘Our amazing children are our number one priority.

    ‘Every morning we get a chance to be different,’ read a follow-up post.


    She further commented, ‘I really know about this one… I have made so many mistakes in my life’.


    But despite admitting she’s made some ‘mistakes’ in her past, the TV presenter is staying positive about the future.  

    Davina recently retweeted a quote from relationship counsellors ‘The Speakmans’, which read, ‘Be thankful that you’re not where you used to be. You’ve outgrown so much and you’re still learning.
    You’ve survived so much which made you stronger and more aware.
    Give yourself credit for making it this far. Still know that the best is yet to come for you.’

    She also echoed the sentiments of health magazine, Balance, who recently tweeted, ‘Resilient people view difficulties as challenges, and look at their failures as opportunities for growth’

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