Woman's unusual cup of tea trick sends the internet wild: 'Outrageous'

When it comes to a good cup of tea, we Brits can be pretty fussy.

Whether it's the big debate over what should go into the mug first, water or milk, or the colour the cup of tea should be, the UK as a nation has some pretty strong views on the popular drink.

So it's probably no surprise that one woman's controversial method of tea making left fans stumped online.

University student Jessica Bamidele revealed that milk, sugar, and a tea bag aren't the only things she puts in her morning cuppa. Taking to Twitter, she revealed that she also puts leftover toast crumbs in her tea.

She wrote, 'Did anyone else use to scrape toast crumbs into their tea to give it texture?'

Social media users were left floored by Jessica's rather unusual confession, with many posting GIFs of their confused reaction.

One wrote, 'This is outrageous', while another agreed saying, 'Huh?'

However, many followers admitted that while they don't entirely agree, they do sometimes get their toast into their tea in another way.

Some revealed that they would often dip their toast into their cup of tea, with one person saying, 'i dip my toast in the tea but scrape the crumbs in there ?????'

Speaking to metro.co.uk, Jessica explained why she likes the rather unusual breakfast food combination. She said, "I first did it back when I was in secondary school by accident.

"I didn’t have time to make another cup of tea so I just drank it like that and it tasted really nice! It’s normal tea with a bit of a bite to it really, similar to the texture of orange juice with bits in it."

What do you think? Would you ever try the unusual trick? Or are you steering clear?