Colin The Caterpillar Turns 25!

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  • Guess who’s turned 25!

    Having been the guest of honour at our birthday parties and celebrations throughout the years, Colin the Caterpillar is now celebrating his very own special birthday! And what better way to mark his 25th year than M&S launching a limited edition version of the cheeky chap.

    With over 7 million sold, it is easy to see how popular he’s become in his 25 year reign – he’s a favourite for office birthdays, kids parties, and he even boasts fans such as Boris Johnson and David Cameron!

    It takes 38 people to make just one delicious Colin from start to finish with over 4.8 tonnes of sweets being used each year – now that’s a lot of sweets.

    This limited edition cake will feature a party hat (obviously), multi-coloured feet ready for dancing and a chocolate covered popping candy back – perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!

    Now the only question is…who gets to eat his chocolate face?!

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