New Cold Feet series 8 trailer hints at tragic news for the group

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It feels like it's been ages since we caught up with the Cold Feet gang, so fans will be delighted to know that that we'll soon be seeing Jenny, Karen, David, Adam, and Pete again very soon.

The final season of Cold Feet's revival ended in October 2017, so it's been over a year since we've been treated to any new episodes.

But now, ITV have finally revealed that Cold Feet series 8 is coming sooner than we expected.

When does Cold Feet series 8 start?

The eighth season of the comedy/drama will be back on our screens in just under a week - on 14th January!

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It will return to ITV next Monday, after a 14-month hiatus.

However, it's not been confirmed how many episodes there'll be this season, but previous seasons have seen around seven/eight episodes air, so it's likely to be the same this time around.

Who will be back for Cold Feet series 8?

There's no need to panic, as all of the series regulars and fan favourites will be back for season eight of the show in January.

Fay Ripley will return as Jenny Gifford, while John Thomson will also return as Pete Gifford. James Nesbitt will of course be back to reprise his role as Adam Williams.

Robert Bathurst will also return as David Marsden, while Hermione Norris will be back to play the role of Karen.

Supporting characters including the cast's children will also return.

What will happen in Cold Feet series 8?

It's a great day for Cold Feet fans, as ITV have also released a short new trailer - our very first glimpse at series 8 so far.

Updating us on the lives of the fabulous five since we last saw them, there were some particularly telling moments in the minute and a half long clip.

The trailer appeared to suggest that someone is preparing to tie the knot, with Karen appearing in front of David in a white wedding dress sporting a bouquet of flowers.

Elsewhere, it seems things aren't exactly rosy with long-time couple Jenny and Pete, with the latter admitting, "Maybe I've taken my eye off the ball."

And further on in the trailer, there are hints at a new storyline, which will see Jenny battle with a cancer scare, something which affects the whole gang.

Pete is seen tearfully telling one of their children "she's not going anywhere," before the pair are seen hugging tightly in bed.

Of the emotional storyline, actress Fay Ripley told What's On TV, our sister site, "It’s challenging and Jenny struggles with things, but we’re unpicking it in a delicate way and it is going to be funny, scary and honest."

And in other news, it appears that Adam is still searching for the right woman, as the ladies man is seen smooching a few different people throughout the course of the trailer!

Speaking to the Radio Times, James Nesbitt, who plays Adam, admitted that he was keen to get back some of character's likeability, which he felt was lost in the last season, when he was caught having an affair.

He confessed, "What has always been strong about that character and why it worked was his likability. However idiotic, selfish or embarrassing he is there has always been a likability in him. And if you lose that in him then he becomes a character who’s getting a bit bitter as he gets older.”

So will you be tuning in next week?

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