Clare Balding Interview 2012

Clare Balding will be presenting the Paralympic Games coverage on Channel 4 from 29 August. She lives in London with her partner, newsreader Alice Arnold.

Alice and I love being in Cornwall. Our friends have a house down there, where they let us stay. We take our dog Archie with us, and go for long walks. Having no phone signal is not a bad thing, nor is the knowledge that you might not see a single person. Weekends are a real luxury for me because I’m usually working. I won’t be having a day off in the summer because I’ll be busy with the Olympics and then the Paralympics, and that’s great. But when it’s all over, I’m looking forward to a trip to Cornwall.

I play golf – even though I’m awful at it. It’s great fun, and it’s the thing Alice and I do together. When I was younger, I only played sports that I was good at, but I don’t take myself so seriously now.

I love a Sunday roast – if someone else has cooked it. My mum and my sister-in-law are fantastic cooks. I grew up in a racing yard, so my family was rarely together on a Sunday, and that’s still the case because my brother Andrew is a horse trainer and always at the races. But when we do sit down together at the house where I grew up, it’s lovely.

I have two nephews and a niece, and I love spending time with them. They are five, four and two, and I play football with them. I want to prove that girls can throw balls, but I can’t, which is embarrassing.

Clare’s autobiography, My Animals And Other Family (Viking), is out on 13 September.