Prince Charles And Camilla Criticised For Breaking Royal Protocol In Canada

It’s touching to see that after all these years, Charles and Camilla still love nothing more than a good giggle together.

Royal biographer Penny Juror recently revealed that Charles was first attracted to Camilla as she laughed at the ‘same silly things as he did’. And looking at this clip of the pair in fits of laughter on their recent tour around Canada, it’s clear to see that their shared sense of humour has endured.

To welcome them to Iqaluit, Canada’s Arctic capital, the couple were treated to a ceremony in their honour, which involved a special performance of traditional Inuit throat singing.

Two women competed in a vocal battle known as ‘katajjaq’ to see who could last the longest without running out of breath. The sounds are sometimes actual words, but more often than not it’s an exchange of nonsensical syllables.

Their distinctive vocals are often accompanied by some unusual dance moves, which are a part of the tradition, but to those experiencing the sequence for first time, they may look a little bizarre…

Watch the moment the couple couldn’t contain their laughter here…

It all clearly got a little too much for Camilla and Charles, who could barely keep their composure while the girls warbled it out to become the throat-singing champion.

The pair were practically in hysterics, with Camilla having to cover her mouth in an attempt to stifle her giggles.

Some people, however, were less than impressed with the couple’s behaviour, with one twitter user writing, ‘Chuckie not ready for a job that requires cultural sensitivity’.

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Charles and Camilla arrived in Canada last Thursday for their royal visit. It was the 18th visit to Canada for the Prince of Wales, while the Duchess of Cornwall has toured the country four times before.

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