Carol Vorderman sends fans wild in plunging aviator style jumpsuit at Top Gun premiere, 'you can be my wing woman anytime'

Carol Vorderman's jumpsuit delighted fans at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere as she showed off her curves

Carol Vorderman's jumpsuit
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Carol Vorderman's jumpsuit delighted fans as the star dressed for the occasion as she attended the premiere for Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to Top Gun starring Tom Cruise.

"MATH-ERICK reporting for duty," joked Carol on social media as she showed off her khaki all in one jumpsuit with a plunging zip neckline. The former Countdown star's custom jumpsuit had a label that read 'matherick' rather than 'maverick' which maid homage to the star's mathematical past.

Carol paired this khaki aviator-style jumpsuit with a pair of stiletto-heeled black boots, a thick black belt to cinch in her waist, and her blonde hair in thick curls that framed her face and drew attention to her black smokey eyeshadow look. 

Fans loved this look on Carol and many of her friends and followers took to social media to compliment her fun look. "Take my breath away 😘♥️xxx" joked Doctor Who writer Russell T Davis referencing the theme song to Top Gun.

"Wow! Can I be your wingman? 🔥" said one fan making a Top Gun pun. "Looking amazing! Stunning choice. Love it. ❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️" said another fan who loved this look. 

"So incredibly jealous of you MATHERICK! Must have been a dream can be my wing woman anytime," added yet another enthusiastic fan. 

Carol Vorderman

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Speaking about why she opted for a jumpsuit rather than a gown, Carol revealed on social media, "Strictly speaking it should be a gown on the red carpet tonight but this is my little homage to the original Top Gun and to my passion for aviation. #pilot."

The star is a fully qualified pilot and has often used her social media platforms to share her love of flying. She recently posted a throwback photo of herself standing on the wing of her first plane. 

The caption read, "On the wing of my first little plane G-SPTT...a single engine Diamond DA40. I flew my "first solo" live on @thismorning in 2013....first person ever to do so I think on live telly. No pressure!!! Ha 😂"

Ahead of the premiere, fans agreed that Carol Vorderman and Tom Cruise 'make a fabulous couple' as the star shared a sweet throwback photograph of herself with the Top Gun star. It seemed that the pair are both adrenaline junkies and had met a few years prior when they both decided to go racecar driving at Goodwood. 

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