‘No Sleep, Heartbroken’: Carol Vorderman Explains The Reason For Her ‘Puffy’ Face

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman revealed she is now "fighting fit" after sparking concern among viewers following her "puffy" appearance on The One Show on Friday.

The 56-year-old explained that her segment - which showcased her flying skills after she gained her pilot's licence in 2014 - was filmed just two weeks after her mother's funeral in July, and at the time she was surviving on "no sleep".

After seeing concern among her followers, Carol - who is currently in San Diego - reassured her fans that she is now "full of energy" before thanking them for their messages of support.

"Am in San Diego. Just seen this. Sad. Filmed early July, just 2-3 wks after Mum's funeral when still grieving badly," the former Countdown presenter explained.

She added: "On medication at the time, no sleep, heartbroken. Face puffy, eyes red and generally looking a mess? Yes, But that was months ago..."

Carol then shared a series of photos of herself over the last couple of months to hit home that she was feeling and looking much better.


"Now fighting fit and full of energy ... and in the great scheme of life... so what to it all!! #HappyDays...#PicsAugustSept...

"You know what gang? YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you for all your lovely messages. Hooray for us all xxxxxx" she added.

Following Friday's show, viewers flooded social media with many asking the same question: "What has she done to her face?"

One viewer asked: "Carol Vorderman, what on earth have you done to your beautiful face?"

While another added: "Carol Vorderman on The One Show - what's she done to her face? Oh dear."

A spokesman for Carol later told MailOnline that The One Show segment was filmed two months ago back in July, just a fortnight after her mother's funeral.

The presenter was taking medication, which she has now come off, and is feeling stronger after spending the summer sorting out her mother's belongings.