Call The Midwife star Victoria Yeates gives emotional interview following mum’s stroke

Call the Midwife star Victoria Yeates has opened up about her mother's recent stroke, in an emotional new interview with Lorraine.


The 35-year-old, who plays Sister Winifred on the hit BBC show is used to dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies while on screen.

But Victoria admitted that her mother’s own turn for the worse came completely out of the blue, and sent shockwaves through her whole family.

She shared that the stroke actually happened whilst she was filming the BBC drama. Victoria told Lorraine, “[It was] totally out of the blue. I was on set when it happened. I saw this Bournemouth number and I said to my producer, ‘You’re going to have to take that, because something’s happened’.

“They drove me down to the hospital and said, ‘Look the car will wait for you however long’. They would drive me back off set on a Friday night, pick me up, they were amazing.”

Victoria is now working with the Stoke Association, to raise awareness of the illness. Sharing advice, she said, “If in doubt just call an ambulance.

“The reason my mum hasn’t been able to get much movement back is because she was on the floor for two and a half days. She was very independent, sports car, very glamorous. She used to volunteer at the hospital. So she was always out. I just thought she was away doing her thing. It’s just kind of a bit of a shock.”

The Call the Midwife actress revealed that her mother now has a permanent disability due to the incident, but that she’s adapting well to her new way of life.

“She’s doing much better. She’s got used to her new life more and her disability. It’s just finding workarounds. She’s got an electric wheelchair now. She’s come to London to visit me on the train – that’s a massive deal.

“It was so traumatic and such a big life change. I’d be leaving her thinking, if the carer doesn’t turn up, which would happen?”

The actress, who is soon set to star in Fantastic Beasts 2, also revealed that she’s soon set to marry her long-term boyfriend, Paul Housden, abroad.

But it won’t stop her mother attending, as Victoria admitted that it’s provided her with great motivation to go on holiday, after an undeniably difficult year.

She told Lorraine Kelly, “I thought it was going to be a really good impetus. Just because now you’re suddenly disabled it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on holiday. There’s a lot more stuff in place.

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“No way, there’s no, no way [I would have got married without her there]. There’s things like we’ll make sure she’s standing up in the photos. We’ve got this amazing hotel for her, really incredible disabled hotel. She’s going to get a really wonderful holiday.”

Victoria and her fellow Call the Midwife co-stars are currently filming the eighth series of the BBC show – it is set to return in December for the Christmas special.

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