Britney Spears’ net worth revealed as she requests her accountant replace her father as conservator

Britney Spears’ net worth has been revealed as her conservatorship battle takes a new turn

Britney Spears
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Britney Spears’ net worth has been revealed as her conservatorship battle takes a new turn.

Britney Spears has not been in control of her own affairs since 2008 when her father, Jamie Spears, assumed control of her life and finances as her conservator. Britney is now requesting that he be replaced. 

It was revealed in recent court papers obtained by The Times, that Britney Spears' net worth is estimated at $2.7 million (£1.95 million) for her cash assets. The star also has non-cash assets that amount to more than $57 million ($41 million). 

This means that Britney Spear's net worth in total is near $60 million (£43 million).

Britney Spears currently does not have access to this money and her assets are controlled completely by her father Jamie Spears. 

However, the star's lawyer has just petitioned the court to place her accountant Jason Rubin in charge of her financial assets and to replace her father as her conservator.


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Mathew S. Rosengart, Britney’s new lawyer was appointed just two weeks ago and has requested on her behalf that her accountant assumes responsibility for her finances.

Britney has previously stated that her father, “works me so hard" and has revealed that he threatens to "punish" her if she disobeys his orders.

In court documents seen by The Times, Britney’s lawyer Mr. Rosengart has described the star's relationship with her father as "venomous."

Rosengart went on to say, "it impairs Ms. Spears's mental health, her well-being, and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career."

The petition also suggests that there were “serious questions” asked about Jamie Spears’ "potential misconduct, including conflicts of interest, conservatorship abuse and the evident dissipation of Ms. Spears's fortune".

Britney Spears net worth

Britney's lawyer Mathew S. Rosengart

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Mr. Rosengart also pointed out that Jamie Spears has also been profiting from his daughter’s conservatorship. Jamie has reportedly given himself a salary of $16,000 (£11,500) per month from her finances. 

This salary is alongside the cut that he takes from all of her performances and earnings, plus the additional costs he takes for his office space costs.

The petition from Mr. Rosengart highlighted, "Although it is common for managers, agents and other industry professionals to receive a percentage of an artists' earnings, Mr. Spears is none of those.

"He is a conservator, and, as a conservator, his role is to be burdened by, rather than benefit from, the conservatorship."

Mr. Rosengart also mentioned that although Britney was only petitioning for a change in conservator, the court may have to consider soon whether a conservatorship is still necessary for Britney. 

Mr. Rosengart said, "There might well come a time when the court will be called upon to consider whether the conservatorship should be terminated in its entirety".

It has yet to be decided whether the control of Britney's estate and finances will transfer to her accountant Jason Rubin and be taken out of the hands of Jamie Spears.

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