Helen Fielding confirms that Bridget Jones is getting her own BBC documentary

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25 years after the creation of Bridget Jones, author Helen Fielding has confirmed the iconic character will be the subject of a new documentary.

The BBC have announced that Helen Fielding will look back at the origins of Bridget Jones in Being Bridget, exploring the cultural impact the character has had since appearing in newspapers, books, and a series of films starring Renée Zellweger.

Speaking to Stylist, Helen said: “It’s great that Bridget Jones is resonating with the daughters of the original audience - girls in their late teens and early twenties. Even if it does make me feel like Snow White’s mother.

“At heart Bridget Jones was always about the gap between how we’re expected to be and how we actually are. In the age of social media that gap has got horrifyingly wider.

“I hope Bridget helps people to laugh and remember that being warm, funny human and flawed is OK and doesn’t require an Instagram filter.”

The documentary will explore how Bridget reflects changing attitudes to women and the way their stories are told in the media. Being Bridget will feature interviews, including ones with Helen Fielding and the friends who inspired the characters.

It will also have rarely seen archive footage and celebrate fans paying tribute to the Bridget Jones series. Over two decades later, it’s clear that the cultural impact of Bridget is still very important.

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In fact, a new extract from her diary was published in The Times last year, was a response to the viral Me Too movement that began trending on social media.

The extract read: “What did I put up with, in the days of these diaries, without even knowing I had the right not to put up with it? Talk about #MeToo.

“I just accepted that part and parcel of having a job was that my boss would stare freely at my breasts, not know my name, and ask me to put a tight dress on to make an idiotic speech.”

Sadly fans will have to wait until next year to see the documentary, but we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait! Will you be watching?

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