Brendan Cole Describes The ‘Horrific’ Moment His Tour Bus Went Up In Flames

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  • Brendan Cole has certainly been through the wars lately, with the BBC's shock decision not to renew his contract on Strictly Come Dancing and now a 'horrific' fire on his tour bus, which put his national tour in jeopardy.

    Speaking to the Daily Star, Brendan has revealed that members of his crew were left shaken after a fire broke out, and had to be dealt with by fire crews.

    The fire itself was caused by a faulty fuel pipe. “The bus caught fire… it was quite horrific,” Brendan recalled.

    Brendan, who is currently on his All Night Long tour, praised his team for their ‘amazing’ attitude during the incident, saying, “All of them were standing there in their underpants in the middle of the night and had to go to Tesco to get a change of clothing so they could go to work the next day.

    “It just shows how amazing they are. But we are OK. The show goes on.”

    Brendan was initially worried that the show would not, in fact, go on, but his team showed him what they are made of, “We had two shows that day…a matinee and an evening performance. I would not have been surprised if they had said ‘We are a bit in shock, we are going to have to stay off…you will have to do it without us’, but they didn’t.

    “All sorts of things happen over the course of a 56-date tour. But I work with the best and they showed their true mettle. Luckily, everyone was OK.”

    Brendan’s difficult experience comes as his former Strictly co-stars Janette Manrara and Aljaž Škorjanec appeared on Good Morning Britain and admitted they, too, were unsure of the reason he was let go from the show.

    When quizzed on whether it had been to do with Brendan ‘breaking protocol’ to dance with the Duchess of Cornwall at a Buckingham Palace charity event, Janette seemed to suggest not.

    She revealed, “It was such a beautiful event, it was so nice and a beautiful charity and she seemed to be really enjoying Strictly and the cast and the dancing… 

    “I don’t know protocol but she seemed happy to get a little waltz in there. It was a nice event and I don’t think it crossed any of our minds that it would be a bad thing.”

    Whatever the reason, and as Brendan knows very well, the show must go on!

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