Everyone Is Talking About New BBC Drama The Replacement

It’s the BBC psychological thriller everyone’s talking about – but what’s it all about? And is it about to make maternity-noire the next buzz drama on our TV screens?

We’ve collated just a few things you need to know before you switch on tonight. Ready? Let’s go…

1. It’s all about maternity leave

And it might just put you off taking one altogether. In a striking departure from the usual thriller blueprint, this psychological drama delves into the anxious world of maternity leave. The Replacement’s protagonist is a successful architect called Ellen, who bags a dream work contract and finds out she’s pregnant at the same time. Cue intrigue and paranoia: Ellen’s temporary handover is a woman called Paula who’s ready to steal her job…or is it all in her head?

2. Architects are the new police detectives

The series is actually set in the professional world of a high-flying architects practice – definitely not your stereotypical thriller location. Protractors at dawn?

3. It passes the Bechdel Test

Ring the alarm! This is a drama that stars two female leads involved in a narrative that doesn’t involve a man (which means it passes The Bechdel Test – a criteria that questions whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than the opposite sex). The Replacement’s dramatic premise imaginatively delves into a topic we should all talk about more: namely, how easy is it to balance motherhood and a career whilst retaining your sanity in the process?

4. It stars two familiar faces

This three-part drama stars two rising stars you may have already seen on your television screens over the last year. Morven Christie (who plays pregnant Ellen) got us all hooked on BBC drama The A Word – a thoughtful exploration of autism and the effect it can have on a family unit; and Vicky McClure (acting alongside as Ellen’s terrifying work colleague Paula) got all the critics singing her praises when she starred in Channel 4’s This Is England.

5. It’s set in Glasgow

According to the BBC, the city of Glasgow is arguably the third star of this drama as it uses some pretty stylish buildings as its locations over the three episodes. And they even quoted top architect Professor Alan Dunlop. “Without doubt the real star of The Replacement is Glasgow,” he told them. “The city looks splendid, with action in many of its Georgian and Victorian masterpieces, including the Hutcheson’s Hall by Scottish architect David Hamilton and the City Chambers.”