Bake off fans react hilariously to Nadine Coyle pronouncing ‘flour’

Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle has starred on The Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C and fans can’t get enough of the way she says ‘flour’

Nadine Coyle
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Fans are obsessed with Nadine Coyle’s pronunciation of ‘flour’ during her Celebrity Bake Off stint. 

Over a decade ago in 2010, the Northern Irish singer delighted the world with her unique pronunciation of the word ‘flour’. The singer appeared on Saturday brunch where she assisted with some cooking tasks and then went viral after she told the host that she enjoys “working with flour”.

Finally, after more than ten years, Nadine Coyle has appeared on another baking show and has pronounced the word ‘flour’. Nadine joined comedian John Bishop, presenter Ade Adepitan, and broadcaster Anneka Rice in the Bake Off tent in aid of Stand Up to Cancer. 

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Fans could not contain their excitement before the episode and many anticipated that during the show, the star might just say ‘flour’. One fan tweeted, “I swear if Nadine Coyle doesn't say flour tonight I'll start a riot #GBBO.” Thankfully, within the first few minutes of the show Nadine did say ‘flour’ and fans went wild.

One individual took to Twitter to say, “Nadine Coyle saying flour is what I live for.” Another said, “I've had a bit of what you might call “a day” but hearing Nadine Coyle say ‘flour’ has completely healed me #GBBO.” Yet another fan said, “Can’t believe we’ve been blessed with Nadine Coyle saying ‘flour’ again!”

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Although the episode was lighthearted, there were some more serious aspects to the show. Many viewers were moved as Nadine referenced a close friend who suffered from cancer. She told Matt Lucas, “I have a very close friend who is suffering at the minute with cancer.”

Many fans speculated that this could be a reference to fellow Girls Aloud member, Sarah Harding who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. One fan said on Twitter, “I'm assuming Nadine’s friend suffering from cancer is Sarah Harding, which is just so sad #GBBO.”

Nadine appeared emotional as she continued to say, “It’s terrifying. You look at the statistics, the more research there is and the more money and funding there is to do that, the better people’s odds are. You never know when the next big breakthrough is going to happen and hopefully [it’s] very soon.”

Fans rushed to support the star on social media. One fan said, “I’m just so proud of Nadine for doing this, I can’t imagine how hard it was to talk about Sarah and have her in the forefront of her mind the whole time. I’m so happy she’s been able to do this and support her #gbbo.”

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