As the Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary, what’s your stand-out Stones memory?…Today’s Debate

The Rolling Stones celebrate the 50th anniversary

of their first gig today and it has got everyone at w&h reminiscing about their youth (their parents’ youth in some cases!) and their favourite Stones’ songs.

The original rebel rock band, who have endured where so many others have come and gone, have produced 29 studio albums, ten concert albums and several compilations making them the highest earning rockers in history.

They may now appear the pinnacle of musical respectability and their combined age may be a staggering 272, but just think of Get Off Of My Cloud, Brown Sugar, Satisfaction, Let’s Spend The Night Together, and so many other of their unique songs and you’re transported to a different time and place completely!

Isn’t it funny how music can so instantly bring back crystal clear memories?

Which Stones song sparks memories for you? Share them with us in our forums now or in the comments box below.

Apester Lazyload