As the funeral of PC Nicola Hughes takes place, is it time to recognise the debt we owe to the police?…Today’s Debate

Today’s debate is really more of a comment because not one of us at w&h disagrees about what a beautiful and dignified occasion yesterday’s Manchester funeral of PC Nicola Hughes was.

The 23-year-old was killed along with another police officer, Fiona Bone, as they responded to a fake burglary call a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday thousands of people and hundreds of fellow officers took to the streets of the city as a mark of respect for the young woman, who was doing the job her family said she loved. How moving it was to watch the news and hear from Nicola’s colleagues about how proud they were of her and how they feel pride in the job they do.

So often the police get knocked if they put a foot wrong, but now is the moment that reminds us of the incredible work they do to protect us and the personal risk they face in the process.

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