Are Women Cleverer Than Men? Today’s Debate

At w&h we were fascinated to read a small story in yesterday’s newspapers declaring that new scientific research has found that women’s IQ tests have risen above those of men for the first time ever.

Now, in the perennial battle of the sexes, many of us (some 50 per cent to be precise) already felt that the female of the species were superior in their reasoning skills!

But now it’s official. Apparently since IQ testing began a century ago, women have typically lagged a few points behind men, but the gap has been narrowing in recent years and women have now nudged ahead of men for the first time.

The reports suggest that the complexity of 21st century life have made brains adapt and led to a rise in IQ scores and women, in particular, have increased their brainpower as they juggle family and working life.

We often joke about how much better us women are at multitasking and how men tend to only be able to do one thing at a time. Well, it may be that we shouldn’t blame them because they’re only doing what their inferior IQ will allow!

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Apester Lazyload