Andy Murray loses his wedding ring in embarrassing way, and fans are certain his wife is not impressed

Andy Murray is in hot water with his wife after losing his wedding ring as he admits, 'Yes I know I’m an idiot'

Andy Murray
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Andy Murray admits he has accidentally lost his wedding ring after he tied it to the shoelaces of his smelly trainers and left them outside.

Andy Murray may be considered one of the best tennis players of all time just like Emma Raducanu who just had a historic US win, however, he too is not immune to making a silly blunder sometimes, particularly off the court.

Andy Murray has taken to social media to ask fans to help him find his wedding ring after it was stolen while he slept. In a post, the athlete shared a video of himself telling the amusing story about how his ring was stolen.

The caption of the post read, "Swipe to hear the story about the 💍 and the 👠Yes I know I’m an idiot and in hindsight it seems like a terrible idea but I need some help🤣 What should the reward be for getting it back?"

In the video, the athlete explained that when he arrived at his hotel after a long day of training, his trainers smelt after having his sweaty feet in them all day. He decided to keep his “damp, sweaty, and smelly” trainers outside his bedroom so he didn't stink up the place.

Andy explained that unfortunately his hotel room did not have a balcony and as he was concerned about leaving his shoes on his doorstep, he decided to leave the stinky shoes under his car so that they could air out overnight. 

Unfortunately for him, his best pair of tennis shoes were stolen from underneath his car. "When I got back to the car in the morning the shoes were gone,” he said. 

“My tennis shoes for the tournament had been stolen, so I had to go to a local pro shop and buy different shoes to what I normally wear, different brand and everything, which isn’t the end of the world but obviously not ideal.”

Unfortunately for Andy, this is where the story gets much worse as he discovered that he didn't just lose his trainers overnight.

“As I was preparing for my practice, my physio said to me ‘where’s your wedding ring?’, and I was like, ‘Oh no’. I tie my wedding ring to my tennis shoes when I’m playing because I can’t play with it on my hand, so yeah, my wedding ring’s been stolen as well,” Andy said. 

Andy has been married to his wife Kim Murray since 2015 and the couple has four children together, with their most recent addition born in March 2021.

Although the ring is replaceable, the item obviously has a significant meaning for the tennis star. Some commenters made suggestions to Andy about how he might be able to find the ring.

"Have you asked to check cameras in front of hotel? 😅" suggested one fan helpfully. Comedian Miranda Hart jokingly suggested, "The reward for getting the ring back could be the ring…"

One commenter made a fantastic pun and said that he was grateful he didn't have to deal with the wrath of Andy's wife when she finds out about this incident. "I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes Andy!! 😬😳" they said.

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