Andrea McLean reveals her husband left her ‘devastated’ after he did this

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  • Andrea McLean revealed on social media that she was left 'devastated' after her husband did something that probably a lot of women can relate to.

    The mum-of-two shared a video on Instagram to explain the situation to her followers, and asked if she was wrong to be feeling this way.

    In the clip, the Loose Woman says she’s been training for months to be able to run a 10k, but was left demotivated after her husband Nick casually went out and ran the same distance.

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    She wrote alongside the video: ‘The video says it all. I am DEVASTATED!! Am I over reacting? I don’t think I’m over reacting… I have literally trained for MONTHS to be able to run 10k and was SO PROUD of myself for doing it yesterday.

    ‘I even high-fived myself in the street for God’s sake! And Nick decides, out of NOWHERE, to go for a run, and JUST LIKE THAT RUNS 10k??!! What the actual #%$$!! No! No! That’s not right!

    ‘What about the training?The building up? The hating every second of it but doing it because it’s for a good cause, and is good for me and ok, I’m kinda starting to like it now after MONTHS OF SLOG – and just like that, just like that, “Oooh I think I’ll run 10k” and he just DOES IT? I’m ruined. Ruined. .’

    She also added that now the competition between the two – who tied the knot in 2017 – is on: ‘Right. I’m going learn how to do it FASTER than him. Maybe not right now, but someday.’

    Fans of the star were quick to react to her funny video, sharing their own similar experiences and reassuring her that she’s doing well despite her husband’s quick win.

    One said, ‘This is my life!! I find running so bloody hard and my husband with no training can just run further and faster! Its just not fair.😤’.

    Another wrote, ‘It’ll come! I’ve been running (jogging) for 2 years now! Nice and steady! It’ll come! Just enjoy your run and look back on how far you’ve come 👍♀️’.

    Another even joked she needed proof of her husband’s running, ‘Get the proof he did it, he maybe just winding you up.’

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