Adele's stage fright was tackled by Beyoncé's set designer Es Devlin with this creative trick

Adele has struggled with stage fright since the beginning of her career

Adele's stage fright was tackled by Beyoncé's set designer Es Devlin with this creative trick
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Adele's stage fright was relieved by set designer, Es Devlin, the last time she went on tour. 

The Easy on Me singer's fears of large audiences have been well documented over the past decade, with arena anxiety reportedly one of her main reasons for refusing to embark on another world tour. 

It now looks like Adele's set designer, Esmeralda 'Es' Devlin, has played an important role in calming these nerves—and making sure the A-lister's performances go ahead smoothly. 

Adele canceled her Las Vegas residency shows last Thursday, just one day before the first concert was meant to take place. In an apologetic video message on social media, the 33-year-old tearfully announced that 'Weekends with Adele' would be postponed due to Covid delays and staff shortages. It has yet to be confirmed when the rescheduled dates will take place. 


Adele tearfully apologized to fans after postponing her Las Vegas residency at the last-minute 

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The excuse of the pandemic has left many fans skeptical, with some speculating that the superstar actually called off the Sin City concerts over crippling stage fright. Rumors have also been floating that the Grammy-award-winner had strong disagreements with Es Devlin over the set design, having 'clashed' with the artist over the idea of 'a pool stunt'.

However, it appears the 50-year-old creative—who has also worked with Beyoncé and U2—has been the one to save Adele's shows in the past. 

The Central Saint Martins graduate has been widely credited as the mastermind behind the graphics of the 2016 Adele Live tour, which were pivotal to ensuring that the singer felt comfortable on stage. 

"She had to like the design before agreeing to do the tour," Es told the Evening Standard. "She's got a child, she didn't want to go." 

Es Devlin

Es Devlin, the set designer of Adele's 2016 tour 

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According to the interview, the objective was to create 'a set that allowed Adele to be at once both “big-old eyeliner” diva and the “little-old ‘alwite you!’ from Tottenham.' 

It's no secret that where Adele is from in England massively inspires her music, and it's likely she wanted to preserve this authenticity whilst on stage. 

Honoring the singer's wishes, Es designed a black-and-white backdrop of Adele's haunting eyes framed by false lashes along with that "familiar cackle" her fans know and love. 


Adele's set design for her 2016 tour included a black-and-white canvas of her eyes 

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Unfortunately, it appears the pair haven't been able to work so harmoniously this time around. It's been reported that Adele has been "unhappy" with Es' vision for her Vegas residency, and has refused to go through with the shows until she's satisfied with the design. 

"She made her feelings very clear to Es," a source told the Sun.

"She was already nervous and the falling-out sent her spiraling into a panic because she was desperate that everything should be perfect."

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