8 Simple Ways To Make Someone’s Day

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  • We all know what it’s like to have ‘one of those days’ once in a while. Occasionally, it is turned around by a small act of kindness. Perhaps something you’ve lost has been returned to you, someone you care about has said something nice or you’ve achieved a goal you’ve been working towards. Most often, these little acts aren’t extravagant, expensive or life-changing but they are simple ways that reassure us that we are cared about. Whether you’re at work, at home or on holiday here’s eight simple ways that you could make someone’s day…

    1. Spread good news

    Put in a good word for someone, be encouraging, tell a funny story or share something nice that’s happened to you.

    2. Offer a comforting cup of tea

    It’s true, a cup of tea can solve almost anything. Whether it’s accompanied by a long chat, a kind smile or a couple of digestive biscuits, it’s bound to go a long way to cheering someone up.

    3. Share your treats

    If you’ve got sweet treats hiding in a cupboard or drawer somewhere, offer them around, they’ll never go amiss.

    4. Give fresh flowers

    They are pretty, cheerful and they smell delightful. Giving someone a fresh bunch of flowers, whether they are hand picked from your garden or purchased from a floist, will make anyone smile.

    5. Say thank-you

    Send an email, card or make a phonecall just to say thank-you, you can guarantee it’ll be recieved with a big smile.

    6. Lend a hand

    If you see someone struggling, pitch in. Offer to carry something, hold the door, make them a drink or fetch them a snack.

    7. Be a good listener

    A problem shared is a problem halved. No matter the seriousness of the matter – whether you listen to someone havine a little moan or someone opens up to you about a serious issue, this selfless act will undoubtedly make someone’s day.

    8. Wear a smile

    Smiles are infectious. Smile whenever and as much as you can and it’ll put everyone around you at ease and, it won’t cost you a thing.

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