6 Things You Didn’t Know About Kirstie Allsopp

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  • Kirstie Allsopp, 43, started her career in television in 2000 as co-presenter with Phil Spencer on the property programme, Location, Location, Location. Since then she has been on a mission to make us all tap in to our creative talents. She divides her time between West London and North Devon with her partner, property developer, Ben Anderson, children, Bay, nine and Oscar, seven and stepchildren Orion, 16, and Hal, 13.

    Kirstie Allsopp would rather by tidy than on time

    ‘I’m not a total clean freak but I am on the spectrum. I can’t bear coming back to a dirty house. I can’t abide clutter. If I know someone isn’t going to tidy up before I get home, and if I’m the one that’s doing the tidying, I will then end up being late if that’s what it takes.’

    Here are Kirstie’s top decluttering tips…

    Kirstie Allsopp is Phil Spencer’s ‘other wife’

    ‘Funnily enough, we don’t see each other socially that much, but we do sometimes make plans. He refers to me as his ‘other wife’. People think we’re actually a couple. It doesn’t help if Phil fuels the rumours that we’re having an affair! After he told a story about him helping me after I got locked out of my hotel room, the papers created a headline: ‘Phil and Kirstie forced to explain why they’re sharing a room’. What he was trying to explain was how intimate we are without ever thinking about it. Our relationship is one of total trust and honesty.’

    Kirstie Allsopp isn’t afraid to speak her mind

    ‘I know I can be outspoken but when you’re in the public eye, you have a responsibility to talk about matters that are important to you. If you have a platform, you should use it. This has got me in trouble in the past – for instance last year when I said women should start having babies earlier. Now all the fertility experts are saying the same thing, I feel like saying, ‘I told you so!’

    Kirstie Allsopp has changed since losing her mother

    ‘Once you experience bliding grief, it makes you very afraid. My mum died 18 months ago of cancer. In a way, mum was incredibly lucky. She was 42 when she first got cancer, and she was 67 when she died. She survived far longer than most other people. Grief, for me, wasn’t spiritual; instead it has made me very, very scared of losing someone else that I love. Ben and the children are terrible risk-takers. I want them to lead that outdoorsy life, but that doesn’t mean I never get scared.’

    Kirstie Allsopp is very careful about her own health

    ‘I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, I eat healthily and I have regular [breast cancer] scans. My sister, Sofie, had a double mastectomy in 2010, but I don’t want to have one. I’m older now than my mother was when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.’

    Kirstie Allsopp is strict about family time

    ‘Weekends are supposed to be the opposite of the week, so we tend not to do that much. I love that feeling on a Saturday evening when we’re not going anywhere. Just Ben and me lying in bed with the kids watching family TV. I’m very strict about having my weekends. Even though I sometimes find it hard to say no, from Friday evening to Monday morning, that’s it. No more work.’

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