VIDEO: 5 Things Lorraine Kelly Would Tell Her Younger Self

After an astonishing 31 years on breakfast TV, Lorraine, 56, is still at the top of her game, and thanks to a fitness regime, revealed in her DVD, Living To The Max (out now), she’s looking – and feeling – better than ever.

She presents Lorraine at 8:30am until 9:25am every weekday on ITV. Lorraine lives between London and Dundee with her husband Steve Smith, a cameraman and photographer. They have one daughter, Rosie, 21, who is in her fourth year at Edinburgh Napier University studying journalism.  

And her years in the industry have taught her a lot – not least to be confident in yourself: ‘When you’re younger, you aspire to this idea of perfection, but it doesn’t mean anything to me any more.

‘I interviewed Cindy Crawford and she was stunning, but she said: “Look, I’m not perfect either. I’m not.” 

‘Perfection is a mad thing to aspire to because we’re all different and that’s what makes us interesting. It’s the same with men; I don’t really go for the typically handsome men – the Brad Pitt type – I prefer a bit of quirkiness, a man who looks like he’s lived a life and something’s going on behind the eyes!’

And when it comes to body confidence, she’s never felt better, saying: ‘If somebody had said to me two years ago that I’d be dancing on the banks of the River Thames in my pants and bra live on TV for my Bikini Promise challenge, I’d have said, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

‘People call it a bikini, but let’s face it, it’s a patterned version of your underwear. I was incredibly nervouse, but hundreds of women sent me their bikini selfies, saying: “I’m 58 in my garden giving it all that!”, which was really empowering.’ 

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