5 Incredible Pictures That Will Make You Do A Double Take

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  • Sometimes all is not what it seems! When we see a picture that defies gravity, shows the force of nature or makes us think twice, we often do a double take as our brains try to process what we have seen. These powerful pictures will make you look twice…

    Why surf the waves when you can ride them instead? Stunt rider, Robbie ‘Maddo’ Madison made his dreams a reality by riding his dirt bike on the waves in Tahiti.

    Out-of-this-world decor and an incredible view – so far so normal for a luxury restaurant. Until your dinner reservation comes around. Subsix restaurant is a subterranean venue situated six metres below the waterline in the Maldives. To get to your table, you’ll need to be picked up by speedboat and dropped 500 meters from the shore where your descent to the depths of the ocean begins.We can’t imagine the fish is fresher anywhere else!

    One word: wow! These incredible picture shows the enormity of a sperm whale. Freediver, Serena Belloni held her breath for two minutes to swim alongside a pod off Dominica Island in the Caribbean.


    Can you work out which city this picture represents? Photographer Paul Reiffer captures the geography of cities, with multiple photographs, before condensing the pictures into circular planet shaped images. This is, of course, San Francisco.

    A real owl and pussycat friendship – all they need is a pea green boat! Fuku the owlet and Marimo the kitten are best friends that live together at the Hukulou coffee shop in Osaka, Japan. Very reminiscent of the Edward Lear poem.

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