18 Bedtime Thoughts All Women Have

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  • Ahh, sleep. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? As we get into bed, we can’t wait to relax, recharge our batteries and snuggle up in a cozy duvet feeling clean and peaceful, with our toes tingling after a busy day on our feet.

    But does getting into bed really mean relaxation? For many of us, this is just a pipedream – a hope that we carry with us every evening, but we are never able to accomplish.

    Getting into bed is never really as peaceful and quiet as we imagine – it is just the first step in a string of multiple other activities: using iPads, watching the telly, reading books, talking to our partners and going to the loo (several times). Once we have finally got the lights off with our heads on our pillow (which can often be an hour later), the peace and quiet we’ve been hoping for all day remains unattainable as we just can’t seem to get our minds to shut off.

    Worries and thoughts spin round and round inside our heads, dizzying us until we finally fall asleep. We know it’s not healthy, and we know we shouldn’t, but sometimes we just can’t help but think about…

    1. Everything we did today
    2. How much we have to do tomorrow
    3. That conversation we had with our boss where we should have stood our ground
    4. That cat video we watched earlier that made us laugh
    5. How bad we’ve been with food recently and how we’re going to start our diet tomorrow
    6. An embarrassing moment that happened 20 years ago
    7. How we came across to that woman we met earlier. Did they think we were rude?
    8. What time it is – and we wonder why we’re not asleep yet
    9. Whether we remembered to let the dog in/turn the cooker off/lock the front door
    10. How worried we are about money/our children’s grades/being burgled
    11. Our ex-boyfriend/ex-best friend of 30 years ago and what he/she’s been up to
    12. Where we’d like to go on holiday next – and think about how badly we need a holiday
    13. All the old friends we need to call/text
    14. All the housework we need to do
    15. All the bills we need to pay
    16. Everything we need to buy from Waitrose tomorrow
    17. Our complete meal plan for the rest of the week
    18. Our hopes for the future

    How many of these things do YOU think about before you go to sleep?

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