10 Of The Best Pets To Follow On Instagram

Instagram is the perfect home for animal lovers with thousands of owners posting cute photos of their pets on the picture sharing app EVERY DAY.

But who are the ones worth adding to your follow list? Here are ten of the most popular animal accounts to keep you entertained and guaranteed to make you smile. Careful though, some of these pets are so successful they might put you to shame. Good job they’re cute.

1) Crusoe the Dachshound


Crusoe the dog is an incredibly cute miniature black and tan Dachshund. Named after Robinson Crusoe for his deep sense of adventure, he has certainly lived up to his name, embarking on trips to the Bahamas, Florida, France, Italy, New York and Quebec, amongst others. Not one to rest on his laurels, Crusoe is also the proud owner of a New York Times bestselling book Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire. We are big fans of his fabulous dress up outfits.

2) Jack the Cockatiel


The only bird to make the coveted list, Jack is one very loveable cockatiel from Brazil. The account sees the yellow-crested internet star enjoying a range of hobbies from skateboarding to flower arranging and posing with various different fun props. He is certainly ruffling a few feathers.

3) Nala Cat 


Abandoned rescue cat Nala is a five-year-old Siamese/tabby mix who is now a feline internet sensation with more than 3m followers on Instagram, more than any other cat on the app. Slightly chubby and with captivating eyes it is no wonder she is the most successful cat ever, with her own range of phone cases, books and even a range of bow ties made specifically for cats.

4) Wally and Molly


Wally the Angora rabbit has built up a massive following with his adorable oversized, long-haired ears and fluffy body, which is trimmed religiously. Wally lives in Massachusetts with his owner Molly who documents his adventures with hundreds of cute pictures, showing him lounging at home, frolicking in the garden and playing hide and seek. There is a reason this photogenic rabbit is social media’s biggest new name.

5) Doug The Pug 


Doug The Pug is one of Instagram’s most recognisable canines. The four-year-old pug has amassed 2.1m followers on the site, with even more on Facebook. The pet pooch has a massive range of merchandise available to buy on his website and is so successful that last year his owner was able to quit her job in the music industry to manage him and his social media accounts full time. Doug has numerous outfits and props that are used for his photos, which are made all the more amusing by his seemingly grumpy face.

6) Prissy Pig


Priscilla the mini-pig and her equally cute brother, Poppleton, have become quite the internet sensations with hundreds of cute pictures on their page. Their mum Melissa spends her time making and dressing up her pet pigs, with bow ties, tutus and onesies all making an appearance.

7) Tron The Dog


Tron The Dog is a very cute French Bulldog living in San Francisco. His USP is his different coloured eyes, one blue and one brown. A heartbreaker of a dog if ever we saw one.

8) Grumpy Cat


Grumpy Cat is one of social media’s most recognisable stars. With 1.8m Instagram followers she is known for her incredibly grumpy facial expression. The cat’s miserable demeanour is caused by an underbite as well as feline dwarfism but it hasn’t stopped her amassing millions of fans around the world. The cat is often used for memes making her even more famous outside her official accounts. A little known fact is that Grumpy Cat’s actual name is Tardar Sauce. The cat is so popular that fans in London recently queued for hours to meet the celebrity pet. It is estimated that its owner Tabatha has made an astonishing £76m from various products and projects around her pet.

9) Yogurt The Pirate


Yogurt is the dog that proves that you don’t have to be picture perfect
to become an internet hit. Yogurt is missing an eye and has a tendency
to stick his tongue out in pictures, an unusual sight that has led to
him amassing 1000s of followers on his page. The now 5-year old dog
doesn’t let her disability stop her having fun with her photos melting
our hearts. Yogurt we love you!

10. Mr Magoo 


Mr Magoo the cat can’t help but stick his tongue out. The popular feline has a misaligned jaw, which results in his unusual expression. The three-year-old cat from Vancouver has proved popular on the site, with him now amassing 37,000 fans, more fans than many celebrities on the app.

Apester Lazyload