11 Beautiful Photos Of Animals In The Wild

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  • Observing animals in their natural habitat truly is one of nature’s finest luxuries – and thanks to trained and respectful wildlife photographers, we now know more than ever about how animals behave in the wild.

    These 11 photos show the true beauty of these stunning creatures thriving in their natural environments…

    1. African elephants bathe together in a watering hole in the Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

    2. A graceful gazelle stops and stares in the dry bush forests of Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India

    3. This vibrant Siberian tiger gives its cub some affection as they keep warm

    4. A giant panda joyfully munches his dinner in Asia

    5. In Antarctica, Gentoo penguins stick together on their travels as they slide and march through the snow

    6. A Central African chimpanzee family looking extremely happy together

    7. Lions in Kenya doing what they do best – relaxing

    8. A koala cuddling a eucalyptus tree in Australia 

    9. Hippos bathing in a warm African watering hole

    10. Cheetahs taking a rest after their dinner in the Masai Mara park, Kenya

    11. Beautiful Eastern Grey kangaroos in Tasmania, Australia.

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