9 Things You Need To Know About The Second Royal Baby

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  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child hasn’t arrived yet, but already we can feeling that familiar excitement about the birth of the new royal heir. Speculation has been going on for months now – will it be a girl? Will the announcement be as exciting as when Prince George was born? And of course, what will they call him/her?!

    From the bookies’ predictions on everything from the sex to the name, to where you’ll hear news about the birth first, get clued-up up on the latest royal arrival with our list of 9 things you absolutely HAVE to know before the little one makes an appearance…

     1. The announcement of the birth will be made on the palace’s social media feeds

    The Royal Family and the Middleton’s will be the first to know. Then communications will go out to the media, before the birth is announced on Twitter and Instagram. Finally, a traditional paper announcement will be made on an easel outside Buckingham Palace, as it was for Prince George.

    2. Catherine and William’s siblings are rumoured to be Godparents this time around


    They were left out as Godparents for Prince George, so there’s a good chance that Prince Harry and Pippa and James Middleton will get the honours this time around. Others rumoured to be given the role are Princess Diana’s sisters, Catherine and William’s best friends or Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

    3. If it’s a girl, she’ll be called…


    …Alice, if the odds are to be believed. Other potential names from the Bookies include Elizabeth, Charlotte and Victoria. 

    Which one is your favourite?

    4. The Duchess is expected to give birth at the Lido Wing again

    Signs marked ‘special event’ were erected outside of St. Mary’s private hospital in London on April 13th. 

    Should Catherine go in to labour at the Cambridge’s country estate in Norfolk, she could end up giving birth at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

    5. If everything goes to plan, we will see the royal arrival within 24 hours of his/her birth again


    Remember that exciting moment in July 2013 when the new parents stepped out of the Lido Wing the day after Prince George was born? It looks like we’ll be lucky enough to experience that again this year! The proud parents will be hoping to show off their new royal heir within 24 hours of his/her birth.

    6. The new arrival will be fourth in line to the throne

    Behind Princes Charles, William and George – but ahead of Uncle Harry, who will drop down to fifth in line. As the second-born though, he or she will never be expected to become the ruling monarch.

    7. The British Economy will be given a boost by the birth…


    …But nowhere near as much as when Prince George was born. Despite an estimated £70 million boost to the UK economy, it doesn’t compare to the £247 million generated the first time around. In fact, it’s little more than a third – but every bit helps!

    8. Catherine will have a natural birth

    Just as she did the first time around. The Duchess is said to be hoping for a drug-free birth, but she’ll be in good hands with a team of the best doctors in England, including the Queen’s Gynecologist.

    9. Royal Baby memorbilia will include a coin by the Royal Mint.

    Alongside plenty of other keepsakes, of course. If you want to grab a piece of something to mark the occasion, keep a look out for our royal baby memorabilia gallery.

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