10 Special Moments Mothers And Daughters Share

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  • The relationship between a mother and her daughter is a special one with moments of despair followed by moments of complete joy.

    As she’s growing up, it’s a turbulent time. You roll your eyes when she comes downstairs with a face-full of make up, plead with her not to shave her legs and try your best to befriend her totally unsuitable boyfriend.

    Now you’ve survived that stage, you understand one another. And who else would you enjoy long lunches with, spend endless hours shopping with and trial cocktail menus with?

    Here, we celebrate the most significant moments that mothers and daughters share…

    1. Her first pair of shoes

    After months of knitted booties and socks that are forever dropping off, she finally fits into her first pair of proper shoes. When you see her take her first steps, you vow to keep this pair in a treasure box forever.


    2. Being your best friend

    The years before she goes to school are sacred. Endless days filled with dancing, crafting and baking mean that you prefer spending time with your daughter than you do most of your friends. Equally, the look on her face when you pick her up from nursery, tells you there’s nowhere she’d rather be than with her Mum.

    3. When she chooses a hobby

    She’s starting to become her own person. Whether it’s football or ballet, when she picks her hobby you
    wholeheartedly support her, attending shows, running her to matches, encouraging her every step of the way.

    4. The afternoon you find her with your lipstick  

    The day you turned your head for one minute and she raided your make up bag. Lipstick scrawled jaggedly all over her face, mascara striped across her forehead, every mum of daughters must have one of these photographs hidden somewhere.

    5. Her first love
    It’s her first love and when it goes wrong, she’s inconsolable. You try your hardest to use your years of experience to find something to say to comfort her, but you remember how the first heartbreak feels and know that nothing you say will make it better.

    6. Buying her first bra

    A significant right of passage for any girl, the day you help her pick her first bra is the beginning of many changes as you watch her grow up.

    7. Waving her off to University

    The day that can only be described as bittersweet. She’s worked her socks off for the grades, is overjoyed and excited about her new adventure and as are you, but this momentous day is tinged with a feeling of sadness that your daughter will be moving away from home.


    8. The day you can enjoy a glass of wine together

    Gone are the days of her sneaking in the house at 2am intoxicated and you spending your weekends lecturing her on drinking sensibly. Now when she comes home or you meet for lunch, you catch up over a glass of wine.

    9. Her wedding day

    It’s not just the breathtaking moment as you watch your, once baby, daughter walk down the aisle that makes this a special time – it’s attending the wedding dress appointments, choosing the cake, decorating the tables, agonising over the invite list and among the hustle and bustle of manic wedding planning you watch her admirably, savoring every moment.


    10. Her daughter, your Granddaughter

    And so begins the next generation. The sleepless nights, relentless nappy-changing and the greatest joy mean that she begins to understand what you went through and a new found respect is granted. Meanwhile you can sit back and enjoy playing fun Grandma, leaving the discipline and decision making to her.

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