New Year Cleaning Tips

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  • If you need to get your home ship-shape for New Year's Eve, try these

    Everyone wants a super-fast way to declutter and spruce up their home – especially before having guests over for New Year’s Eve, or indeed after they’ve left your house looking like a tornado tore through it.

    According to a survey conducted by Sheila’s Wheels, the number one gripe about having guests to stay in your home is that they don’t pick up after themselves. Leaving mess lying around was the top complaint, with 38 per cent of people surveyed saying that this was an issue, and another 33 per cent citing the fact that guests never did the tidying as another source of irritation.

    However, we’ve put together tips, products and cheats that shout create enough space for everyone to relax in if you’re having people to stay, and will help you restore your home to its former glory if you’ve had some of the famously irksome workshy guests that don’t clean up after themselves to stay.

    We’ve put together advice on the things you need to do but might not think about immediately. For example, what can you do about the fridge to prepare for extra mouths to feed, especially with all that leftover meat and half-eaten brandy butter? And at what stage should you do the hoovering in your cleaning?

    Other short-cuts to having a wonderful welcoming home include things as effortless as getting two mini Christmas trees and putting one on each side of your front door to greet your guests. And speaking of guests, don’t bother doing a deep clean on any rooms that yoru guests aren’t likely to see. That means the messy attic gets to stay just that, phew! That means you get to focus on making the bits they will see look especially cosy and clean, rather than spreading yourself too thin.

    Click through the gallery for more ideas on how to have a clean and festive home this Christmas and New Year.

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