Literature’s Most Memorable Meals Brought To Life

Showcasing famous plates from the world of literature's most-loved novels, picture book Fictitious Dishes will have you salivating and reminiscing from the first page...

American graphic design student Dinah Fried’s unique concept to combine her love of food with iconic literature has produced one of the most alluring coffee table books this year: Fictitious Dishes.

For anyone who goes misty-eyed at the mention of To Kill A Mocking Bird or who retreats back to childhood fantasies at the thought of Alice In Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party, Fried’s photo project will captivate you. Her picture series of fiction’s most memorable meals allows viewers the opportunity to step inside the lives of the books’ protagonists and brings to life the vivid descriptions of fictional characters’ feasts.

Dinah cooked, art-directed and photographed a series of dishes from nearly two centuries of famous fiction and what began as a small design project whilst studying, soon blossomed in to an endeavour that gripped her.

So dive in to Dinah’s photographs and escape to a table of culinary moments where each place setting is paired with the prose that inspired its creation…

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