Life Is A Journey Best Shared But You Have To Keep Some Things Just For Yourself!

This issue is all about sharing, and many things can be enhanced or achieved by joining forces because, after all, life is a journey best shared with people you love.
All through my life I have shared my knowledge and my experiences, my ups and downs, in the hope that they inspire someone or help them cope when things are not going their way; trust me, no one has not in their life had their fair share of downs as well as ups.
I have shared personal things, like my hairdresser’s number (he really is the best!) and my favourite places on earth (hotels, restaurants, shops!), my beautician’s details (she does the best facial in the world), and I’ve shared my best dress and my best shoes with my best friend.
But there are a few things I will never share. It’s not because I am selfish (well, maybe a bit) but it’s because there are just some things that are best kept to yourself!
My newest cashmere jumper. 
This is something I hide from my daughter who will endeavour to find it, wear it in bed, and then shove it in the washing machine, making it fit only to be worn by a six-month-old baby. “IT. IS. CASHMERE,” I will exclaim. And the reply is always, “Whatever!”
My friends’ secrets. They say something is only a secret if only you know about it. But sometimes people need to share their innermost secrets, and it is vital to me to return their trust by never revealing that secret – not to anyone for anything. No matter how tempting.
The remote control. I’m sorry but this gadget holds the power in my house! If my son has it, we are watching rugby. My daughter it will be reruns of Friends (she forgets I saw it the first time around!). My husband it will always be the football, and me – well, it will be some soppy romantic film, Game of Thrones or Modern Family. About the only thing we all agree on watching together is The Apprentice! I have discovered this new Spanish drama called Velvet on Netflix; it is all subtitled and my family think it is “utter dross” but I love it, and when I have the remote control that’s my pick!
A slice of cake. These days, having recently lost a stone in weight, I rarely indulge in sweet things, but when I do I do not like to share! Not a mouthful, or “a taste”, not a single bloody morsel. The problem with sharing is that you never feel like you have had the full portion, so end up having another. My philosophy is that if you want some then get your own!
Time This is the most valuable commodity we all have, and I have to share mine continually, whether that’s in the office or in the home – so I find a little “me time” is sacrosanct. On Sunday mornings you’ll find me in bed, surrounded by newspapers, drinking endless cups of coffee. It’s a small treat but for me it’s heaven!

Apester Lazyload

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