Katherine Kelly Talks Simple Pleasures, Friendships And Her New Drama

Katherine Kelly, 36, lives with her husband, Ryan Clark, in London. They have one daughter, Orla, aged two.  

Having Orla has made me rediscover the joy of simple things. She’s at that age where the whole world is a wonder to her – if she sees a cat she’s completely beside herself! I know this stage won’t last so I’m indulging in it as much as I can.

I don’t get excited by fancy dinners or expensive gifts – in fact, I don’t even own an engagement ring! Actions are far more precious than possessions though, aren’t they? When Orla was born, Ryan was by my side every step of the way – and he’s been everything that I hoped for as a father; that brings me more happiness than a designer bag ever could.  

I’ve burnt myself out in the past when I’ve tried to keep all the plates spinning at once. Mentally, I’m strong, but physically it’s got the better of me and I’ve had to realise you can’t fit 36 hours worth of stuff into a 24-hour day. These days, I take a couple of weeks off in between projects and catch up with friends, do odd jobs around the house or have a big clearout. I get a real feeling of calm from that.

We all love to put our feet up and watch TV once in a while, don’t we? I’ve just finished catching up on BBC Two’s Wolf Hall about a year after everyone else! My list of things to watch has got so long now I don’t know what to start next!

Going to a yoga class for an hour feels like a bit of an indulgence for me! I just don’t really have time and it’s much further down my to-do list now I’m a working mum. I’m always taking Orla out and about, and I’m on my feet all day at work, so I don’t worry about it.

In my new drama, Him, I play Hannah, the mother of a teenage boy, who has no idea her son has supernatural powers. It’s a brilliant script but you never know if something is going to capture the audience’s imagination or not. That’s out of your hands and for the public to decide if it’s a hit. I’ve just finished filming Class for the BBC. Again – fabulous scripts, but the viewer decides!

Him airs on ITV this October.

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