Life audit: How to change your life in seven easy steps

change your life
change your life
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‘New year, new me' - at least that's what the majority of us are thinking come January.

It's the most common time of the year to want to make a change and sort your life out. But only 8% of us will keep to our New Year's resolutions, while the rest will struggle because we've either set too many, they are unrealistic - or we completely lose motivation, get fed up and drop all interest in it!

So if you often find yourself asking ‘how can I change my life?' come New Year, we suggest you try doing a Life Audit, which helps you take charge, assessing what you really want and how to go and get it.

It's a great way to learn how to improve your life for the better. Here's how...

1. Start with Post-it notes

Write everything down that you want to achieve, your goals, hopes and dreams.

2. Categorise what's important

Group your Post-its into the areas that you want to work on. This could be health, finances, relationships, work or exercise.

3. Do a now-or-never audit

Once you've written down all your goals, stick them in a clear, visible place. Take a good look at each goal. Go through each one and ask yourself two questions, ‘Is this important?' and ‘Is this what I want?' If the answer is no and you think you'd be happy if you didn't do it, then get rid of it.

4. Ask some big questions

Draw a circle, divide it into eight sections. Give each segment a part of your life like relationships or fitness. This is where you ask yourself the important stuff! Which areas should you give more focus to, which bits need more work and more importantly which areas give your life meaning.

5. Close the gap

Time to get practical! Choose realistic steps to bridge the gap between now and where you want to be. But remember - be realistic with yourself!

6. Create a timeline

Decide what to do first and when you'd like to do it. You don't need to make big changes; lots of smaller steps can lead to a bigger and better change.

7. Enlist support

Friends and family are there for a reason. Let them know what you're doing, but choose carefully. You want someone who will support and won't question what you're doing and help you improve your life.